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EcoHotels.com was founded in 2020 as an alternative to the many large and dominant online travel agencies (OTAs).

Many of the large OTA’s business models are based on charging hotels with unnecessary high commission rates, which can severely decimate the individual hotels’ profits, identities, and concepts. With the mission of a more responsible hospitality industry, EcoHotels.com operates with low commissions as a cornerstone of our business model. We offer all hotels that are directly connected a commission rate of 10%. And while not all hotels are directly connected, we welcome every hotel to connect directly with us. With lower commissions, hotels can achieve a higher bottom profit line and use this profit for what lies close to their hearts.

EcoHotels.com originally started as a community for eco-certified hotels, primarily allowing hotels with certifications acknowledged by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). From being a platform that only includes eco-certified hotels, EcoHotels.com has now developed into a platform where you can find all kinds of hotels, including both eco-certified and non-certified hotels.

Trustworthy certifications are crucial to developing the hospitality industry in a more responsible way. EcoHotels.com as a platform is working towards creating more focus on eco-certification in the hospitality industry. However, reality has shown us that to stay on the market as a booking platform, we are not able to limit our assortment to only include eco-certified accommodations.
Therefore, EcoHotels.com now showcases all kinds of hotels. While we have moved away from only showcasing eco-certified hotels to include all hotels, we put effort into highlighting and promoting the certified hotel choices on our platform. Hopefully, this will influence both travelers and hotels to make more responsible choices. 

We want to prioritize people and the planet, and we support different purpose-driven projects and good causes with the help of our customers every time they book. Along with this, we have with our blog created a platform and community providing helpful information, knowledge, and guides to inspire people on eco-conscious topics.

We believe that tourism, one of the world's largest industries, has the potential to be a power for good, bringing resources and connectivity to the world. EcoHotels.com welcomes all hotels and seeks to be a positive influence within the travel industry.

We hope you will explore the world of hospitality and travel through EcoHotels.com!

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