Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer any questions you may have about becoming a partner here. If you have a question about making a hotel booking with EcoHotels.com, please see FAQ below.

EcoHotels.com is a platform that primarily partners with HOTELBEDS SWITZERLAND AG, which provides over 80% of the hotels we offer. However, we also work directly with eco-certified hotels and welcome them to connect with our platform. This means that while we do have affiliate partnerships, we are not exclusively an affiliate site. Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism and eco-friendly accommodations, which remains our top priority.
To secure your booking, we will need to confirm the validity of the credit card. Therefore, you must provide your credit card details.
No, you'll have to use a valid credit card to make a booking on EcoHotels.com.
In case your booking is non-refundable, cancellation is not possible. However, if your booking allows free cancellation or partial refund, you can refer to your confirmation email, and cancel the booking free of charge. Please note that free cancellation bookings has a free cancellation deadline.
Yes, it is possible to modify your booking using the booking confirmation email. However, please be aware that modifications are not allowed for non-refundable bookings.
Our policy of "1 booking = 1 tree" ensures that we plant a tree for each booking you make.
Our company has a policy of planting trees in bunks to ensure the highest efficiency in our reforestation efforts. We have already planted 25,000 trees in Denmark as a result of this policy.We believe in the importance of protecting our planet, and we have made a commitment to make a positive impact through sustainable practices.
A certified hotel is a hotel that has undergone an assessment or auditing from a certification company or enterprise that follows and measures a set of standards and criteria.Being certified as a hotel means that the hotel lives up to higher standards related to one or more of the following areas; environmental, social, cultural, economic, and management.
Yes, please reach out to us on: Support@ecohotels.com.
We’ll do our best to answer your questions as fast as possible.

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