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We believe that tourism has the potential to be a power for good, bringing resources and connectivity to the world. EcoHotels.com lets you find hotels committed to sustainability and with trustworthy certifications to prove it. We understand that each traveler has different needs and preferences. We pledge to make it simple, transparent, and easy for you to make the best choice.

Plastic for Rice

We have partnered up with Plastic Exchange, a sustainability initiative that empowers communities to change their waste behavior through dignity-based exchange systems that result in cleaner, healthier environments.

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One tree planted for every hotel booking

Every time you book a hotel through EcoHotels.com, we plant a tree in your honour to increase reforestation and eco-diversity.

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Find hotels with purpose that matters

At EcoHotels.com, we help you find hotels that are committed to sustainability and have the trustworthy certifications to prove it.

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We pledge to make it simple, transparent and easy for you to find hotels with a purpose to restore the forests and a strong commitment to leave the world better than we found it.