Hotel Partners FAQ

We've tried to answer any questions you may have about becoming a partner here. If you have a question about making a hotel booking with Eco Hotels, please see FAQ below.

How can I register with EcoHotels.com?

 Fill in the “Hotel sign up!" form and click on "send form". Your hotel will be evaluated for participation. The next step is to sign our hotel agreement and finalise your participation by uploading information on the EcoHotels.com extranet.

Are there any charges to register?

 We do not charge anything to register your hotel with  EcoHotels.com. You only pay a commission over the booked room nights for your hotel through EcoHotels.com.

How do I update availability, rates and other information?

 You can update availability and rates online via the  EcoHotels.com extranet. Our team will assist you in making changes to content, rates and/or availability of rooms.

How do I receive the confirmation for a reservation?

 You will receive the confirmation by email and in your extranet overview (after a booking is made online).

Where and when does the guest pay for his/her hotel invoice?

 The guest pays at the hotel upon arrival or departure. The guest will pay the rate that is confirmed by email to the hotel (as published on the  EcoHotels.com website).

What can I do to receive more business through EcoHotels.com?

 It is important to offer the best room rates and best possible availability. Furthermore, having a truthful and informative hotel description including actual photos of your hotel will help us sell your rooms. Our team will support you in getting the best out of the  EcoHotels.com website.