The concept

At we plant a tree every time you book with us. We have already planted 25.000 trees and will continue planting trees throughout Denmark as you book.

Why we need to act:
Today, 30% of the world’s 60,000 known tree species are facing extinction and global forest areas have decreased by about 40% during the past 300 years. Scientists and experts are calling for action. Forest areas are highly important for our climate, maintenance of the CO2 balance, and our biodiversity. While the tropical forests are the most threatened, many places with colder climates are also facing threatened species. Help us plant a forest and support our ecosystem by booking with us.

Willow trees planted at Saltofte:
So far we have planted willow trees at Saltofte. The advantage of planting willow trees is that they have a cyclic life cycle, which means that after they are cut down the stem creates 5-6 cuttings. Within just a year the trees will absorb great amounts of  CO2. After 6-10 years the willow trees are cut down and repurposed. In the new life cycle of the cuttings, they are able to absorb 5-6 times the amount of carbon dioxide than the mother plant. The cycle runs 4 times which is equivalent to 30-40 years before it is necessary to replant the willow tree. The trees play a great role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the surrounding air and converting it into oxygen, so for every tree, we plant we are making an immediate positive difference.

The vision of Saltofte:
“An ambition of Saltofte is to double the forest area in Denmark. By securing the propagation of the forest areas we are also having a positive influence on the biodiversity in our areas here at Saltofte. This is especially important for the wildlife which exists because we can help the wild animals secure a habitat where there is peace and silence, which creates prosperity and diversity. We can therefore help ensure that wildlife and nature will have space to prosper on their own, without the influence of humans. We rely on our surrounding nature, and it is an important part of our daily lives. We have today chosen to repurpose some of our pure agricultural soil, which is rich in minerals - to secure the best conditions for our new trees.“ (Hartvig Boserup, Owner at Saltofte Gods)

You can hear more about the project at Saltofte by watching our youtube video here.

One booking = one tree


Our Background

Sustainable alternative
EcoHotels was founded in 2020, as a responsible and sustainable alternative to the large and dominant online travel agencies (OTAs), whose business model and high commissions severely decimate individual hotels´ identity, concept, and bottom line. EcoHotels´ mission is to be a community for hotels, sharing knowledge and best practices, and standing side by side to promote sustainability in the travel industry.

Community for travelers
We also aim to be a community for travelers, who care about acting as responsibly as possible and want to have a trustworthy source of information as to which efforts and certifications the hotels that they choose to visit work with – and wish to travel as sustainably as possible, supporting high-quality, certified hotels and helping make travel a force for good around the globe.

Experience from the hotel industry
The founding members of EcoHotels all have experience from working in the hotel industry, and our booking site stems from seeing the discrepancy between how OTAs act towards hotels - and how we wished they would act. An OTA is a useful and powerful tool when looking for accommodation – but as someone we all know once said: with great power comes great responsibility.

Completely independent of the large OTAs
We have created a responsible booking site, completely independent of the large OTAs. EcoHotels is for sustainable and certified hotels, but any kind of concept could come up with the same idea, creating a community.

We're not just another affiliate
We´re not just another affiliate (which most online booking sites are), and to that end spent several years and a great deal of money building our own booking engine from scratch. This is why we can act 100% in accordance with our beliefs, and not compromise on doing what we think is best for hotels and travelers as well as for our own booking site and community.